Friday, October 19, 2007

A lead for the Sweater Dress

I posted about my deep longing (or at least passing fancy) for a sweater dress on Stitcher's Guild and Redhead pointed out this fantastic pattern Onion has. Just look at it:Deep cowl - check. Long bell or bishop sleeve - almost check. It's no problem to extend those babies from 3/4 to full length, especially for these short arms. I'm not sure about the overall fit but a little slash-n-spread below the waist would help it skim my lower parts rather thank cling. I'm seriously tempted by this. However I'm also tempted by the instant gratification offered up by using patterns I already have. Hm. Must think on this.

And on another topic:

Note on the polls

I love polls. I especially love polls on my blog that let ya'll kinda do a choose-your-own-adventures bit, in a small way. My current plan is to run polls once a month for that whole month and then do what the poll tells me to do the first week of the next month. Looking at the numbers as they stand, I'll probably do a series on how I've got my sewing corner set up, what works, and what works better than nothing but needs some additional thought. This should also motivate me to clean up that area and get some of the non-sewing stuff off the shelves and where they belong. You know, so I can show how neat and organized I am. Yeah.

There might be other polls running at other times (I'm considering a "what types of posts do you like most" poll sometime in the near future) but that would be in addition to the CYOA (which, now that I look at it, is far too close to CYA... oh well) polls. And these polls aren't some unbreakable contract - that is, I'll do what the CYOA polls tell me s'long as there's no unusual circumstances preventing it. But I don't promise a poll every month. I reserve the right to get bored and change my mind. But for now the CYOA polls are amusing me so expect to see them for a good while!

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