Monday, October 08, 2007

Winter 07 SWAP - Getting started

This will be in installments mostly because that's all the time I can give right now (schoolwork and all that) and because I like to think outloud and posting in installments is one way to do that.

So the overall SWAP plan ... After going through my patterns and fabric I've come up with a collection that I'm calling, for lack of a more creative title, Forty-Naughts Night. The idea being that it's a mix of 40s and current (the "naughts" as some call our current decade) styles with an evening color scheme - lots of black (my DC background coming through there), dusky purple, dark denim, and olive green.

At this point I've only decided on the 8 separate pieces (4 tops, 4 bottoms). I know the pattern I want to use for the jacket (the Threads trench) and I know I want it to be non-black but that's all I know at the moment. I figure I'll get a better idea after some fabric shopping. The two dresses, however, are still very tentative. Since they only have to match the jacket (though it would be nice if I could layer them with some of the tops or skirts) I'm willing to give them time to brew a bit.

And that's it for now. Not much, I know, but I promise to post my wardrobe pattern and other separates later for your critiques!

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