Monday, October 08, 2007

My Top 10 for Winter

A recent post on one of my fave sewing sites asked what our personal top 10 fashion trends for this season are. I was thinking through this (while reading up on the Atticization of the Koine Greek of the New Testament - fascinating stuff, I tell ya) and came up with my list. Now be forwarned that I'm no fashion maven - sadly a good portion of my wardrobe is older than most of the children I work with. Which isn't too bad because they're mostly 1st grade and under ... but still.

Ok, enough stalling. My top 10:

1. Knee high black boots
2. Unfitted, knee length dress
3. Opaque black tights
4. Ballet flats
5. Fitted jumper
6. High-waisted pencil skirt
7. Chunky knit jacket
8. Dark wash jeans
9. Long tunic shirt
10. Fitted belt

Of all those I currently own ... four. Numbers 1, 3, 4, and 8. Granted, those first three are pretty much wardrobe staples, especially if you were a female at a private Ohio college that required women to wear skirts in spring and fall. Knee-high boots were a bit edgy when I bought them (one of my friends kept referring to them as prostiboots until I kicked him) but they were WARM. And those black tights help block that horrible wind. So I really can't claim to have anticipated the trends. I was just trying to survive and somehow, in the lottery that is fashion, those two came up winners.

And I'm suddenly wondering why I still have those winter things now that I live in TX. Great. Now that I'm in fashion I have to wait for our one cold month to show off my amazing style. Life!

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