Friday, October 12, 2007

Glam Wiggles

From Lanez Living

The only thing keeping me from buying this pattern this instant is all those buttons. Neither of my machines do button holes and I've never gotten around to learning how to do them by hand. Granted, both machines SAY they do buttonholes of the 4-step variety but in reality neither really puts much effort into it. No matter how carefully I follow how-tos and button hole masters the effects always look crooked and half-hearted. So for now I'm sticking with zippers and snaps. With that said, this is the kind of dress that almost justifies taking the dress to a tailer or drycleaner and paying for all those buttonholes to be put in. I LOVE that whole side of buttons, though I'm sure I'd find some way to sit on them wrong and wind up with little imprints up my leg. Still, it would be worth it for this level of glamor.

In the topic of "things I just learned," the seller calls this a "wiggle dress." ?? Fortunately for everything you don't know, there's google. A quick search pointed me to where the ever-helpful Erin pointed out in an early blog that a wiggle dress is one with such a narrow skirt that regular steps are impossible. I'm guessing that, by extension, more active things like swing dancing are out. Oh well. It's still fabulous!

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