Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Proposed Blog Schedule - aka, how long do you think this idea will last

As one of the nursery workers I oversee notes, I am a list fanatic. I have lists for what needs to be done each day, lists for how the nursery runs, lists for homework, books I've read, books I want to read, sewing projects I want to do ...

I have a lot of lists.

This is not because I'm an organized person, as she seemed to think. This is because I am disorganized. Horribly disorganized. If a project is not on a list then I WILL forget it. Even if it's something like my own birthday. It's happened before.

So, in honor of my obsessive list-making, I'm testing out a schedule for this blog. My hope is that the schedule will limit the "what should I write about today" blocks that come up and keep me from camping too long on one topic. Like I said, it's a hope.

The proposed schedule:

Monday - Weekend Sewing Report I do most, if not all of my sewing on Sunday since that's my official day of rest. Or afternoon of rest - funny, when you work at a church Sunday's not very restful at all. But despite half of the day being spent herding cats - er, kids - and then sleeping to recover, I try to spend that second half doing whatever I want which usually means sewing. So I figured Monday's a good time to report what's been happening in my sewing corner.

Tuesday - Greek Geekery Greek manuscripts, Greek grammar, Greek trivia - if it's (koine) Greek expect it to show up on Tuesday. Current ideas are a series on collating manuscripts for those who are interested (and to hopefully raise interest in those who aren't!) and a post or two on my very favorite NT city, Colossae.

Wednesday - Patterns and Fabric I spend more time looking at patterns and fabric then actually working with them so figure I should give at least 1/5 of blogspace to that. Hey, it gives me an excuse to keep it up!

Thursday - Randomness Whatever I feel like from sewing to Greek to children's ministry to neat stuff I find online. Both things that don't fit elsewhere in my tidy list and those things that fit but I don't want to wait to post them.

Friday - Monthly Series See the poll over on the right? This would be the day you get to see the results of your voting. And unless something strange happens it looks like this Friday will start a 5 part series on my sewing corner and it's organization (or, at present, lack there of).

So there's the plan. Let's see if it lasts through November!

Oh, and this schedule takes effect tomorrow ... right now Hebrew is kicking my little rear.

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Great work.