Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A note on pictures

You might have noticed something about my photos ... specifically that there are none. Two major reasons for that ...

1. I am not a good photographer. I know some theory, I know the basics, but somehow it never shows in my pictures. They always look like those family photos that are saved because they're better than nothing but they sure aren't getting hung on the wall. I'd blame my camera (and granted, I do have a very basic model) but my best friend can do wonders with it without doing anything noticeably different. She just has a fantastic eye for pictures and some how the lighting, colors, and all else respond to her. They respond to me too, just in the exact opposite way. So I'm always hesitant to put up a picture unless I know that, as bad as it looks, it does help the post.

2. My computer hates my camera. This is the main reason. Even if the picture looks like it was taken by an unsupervised 5-year-old I still would post it if I needed to. But I can't. My current laptop (which is temporary ... I hope) is older than many of the kids I supervise. This causes many problems. One is that it will not admit that my camera exists. Now I could set aside a few hours to work on this problem and hope my computer accepts the solution (unlike it's current problems with Acrobat which seem to be unfixable) or I could just hope the new-to-me hand-me-down laptop arrives soon. And that it's newer and less buggy than this. On a tangent, I am SO looking forwards to being out of grad school and financially stable enough to, say, buy the basics tools I need to get my work done. The grad school life of poverty looses it's glamor reeeeal fast.

So that's why you didn't get a picture of the cookies I made yesterday (and they were good!) or of the shirt in progress. I would have liked some visuals ... but for now I'm working within my limitations. Expect better things when the limitations change!

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