Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In progress: Simplicty 4047

To start off my SWAP I cut out and began sewing the shirt in this wardrobe out of some heavy black mystery polyester. Unfortunately this will probably have to suffice as an unwearable muslin... The poly fabric is giving me as much trouble as it physically can. Each and every seam and dart (and this pattern has a number of them) is ruching up and the entire effect is very cheap and very handsewn (in the worse sense of the term). Since I'm not certain the fabric is the problem I need to play around with some scraps and use a smaller needle, different thread, and try holding the fabric taunt as I sew. If any of those provide a cure I might go back and try and salvage the shirt. Otherwise I'm not entirely sure. I'd like to make this shirt in something shiny black but now I'm a little tired of poly. I love working with cotton but I've yet to see a black cotton I really like. Mostly they just look faded and worn. So I'll keep my eyes open next time I go fabric shopping. Hm, maybe silk ... now wouldn't that be lux!

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