Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fabulous Fabrics snoop shopping

For some odd reason I've recently started to drool over novelty cottons. I really don't get it. First, I'm NOT a prints person. Look in my closet and you'll discover that the closest I have to a "print" anything is the wool skirt with gray and black threads woven in. Yeah, that's some daring there. Second, if I WERE to get into prints I'd expect something small and classic. Maybe a shirting fabric with light stripes or something like that.

Nope, I'm gravitating towards full-on prints with a bold flavor and very "now" color scheme, the kind I'm nearly garenteed to be sick of in a few months. Go figure.

This week's snoop shopping I've in love with some bird-based cottons. I can see any of these in a cute little a-line or half-circle skirts with a solid band along the bottom, maybe even some rick-rack (gasp). Enjoy with me and click on the pictures to buy the fabric and thus remove my temptation.

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