Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robe-ish Thoughts

Every so often I get dreams of a home-based business that would cause me to spring out of bed each morning greeting the day and, of course, provide a steady stream of income. Fortunately reality sets in pretty quickly and reminds me that I'm never happier than working with others (especially teaching - especially teaching in a place I don't have to clean) and that the one time I did sewing contract work I really didn't enjoy it. And then there's the paperwork, taxes, processing order ... ick.

Still, it's fun to spend a few moments indulging in the fun parts of that fantasy. Lately my "product" has been robes, which is at least more practical than the line of movie-reproduction patterns for 18" dolls that I was thinking of for a while. Someday I'll get around to posting pics of that endeavor... but like I said, recently I've been on a cotton robe kick. And while I know I don't have the time or desire to actually make batches of robes, I do enjoy looking at fabrics and matching them up as though I planned on building up inventory. All the dreams, none of the hard work. I love it. So a few combinations that have caught my eye ...

The yellow fabric with coffee cups dancing around it would be the base fabric with the swirling pink used for the edging and belt. Perfect for a nice sunny morning waiting for the coffee to perk so that the world comes into focus.

Another pink edged gown but this one is far more sofisticated. I see this one with a vanilla cappuccino topped with whipped cream in the morning and a pink martini in the evening.

And this set is dedicated to my mom who believes that it's not Christmas without some tacky green and red garb. I'd try cutting the red edging so that it's lightest at the seam and darkest at the edge. Hey, I might even dare wear it. So long as there's Christmas coffee with french vanilla creamer and some eggnog to make it better!

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