Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Pattern Story

Last weekend my husband and I did our customary Half-Price Books/grocery store run and I found myself over in the tiny pattern section they have. It doesn't matter that there's not much turn over nor that most patterns are overpriced ($4 average for modern costumes and early 90s power shoulder pads suits with the covers half ripped off), I still have to look. This time I lucked out, finding this fun little pattern stuck in the back with a .98c sticker on it. I couldn't resist. No, I don't plan on making it anytime soon (the short jumpers with sailor collar being a little out of my comfort zone) but owning the pattern makes me happy.

What I didn't realize was that this pattern came with a fast-pass to a story about the woman who first bought it and the places she saw and things she did ...

It's not a long story, nor is it really about her but rather about those she worked for and with. And the amazing things they got to wear.

Which I'll continue on tomorrow since this week is absolutely killing me with assignments. But to whet your appitite, can you guess from this picture (without cheating and clicking on it!) what she did? Oh, and this isn't my pattern's original owner, it's one of her coworkers. Still, neat outfit! And just look at that ... hat? turban?

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