Sunday, October 21, 2007

A very productive day

Instead of the sewing I'd been planning on, I spent this day of rest very productively doing very little of tangible value - and I enjoyed every moment of it. One friend invited us and another dozen of her closest friends over for lunch and it was a great time. Or at least it was when the one family left - I love kids (which is good, given my day job) but at an event that's otherwise entirely adults and when the kids really could use a bit more discipline in their lives? Yeah, not so much. Especially since I spent the morning running our Children's Church bit entirely on my own. Which meant that when one kid really needed some time apart from the others I couldn't do a blessed thing about it. But back to the lunch. By the way, if you're child is used to giving orders DO NOT bring him or her around me. I've got a zero tolerance for a child telling me what I'm going to do. It's one thing when we're playing pirates and she tells me that I fell overboard. It's another when a kid walks up to me WITHOUT KNOWING ME and orders me to move. Right. That kid is going to get some tough love very quickly.

For what it's worth my "mom" voice has been known to snap teenage bullies to attention. When I was younger than them. So don't mess with it.

But the lunch. Once the family left (blessedly early) we all had a great time talking about campus politics, quirks of society, and new television shows. Just a great time hanging out with some Dutch Blitz thrown in (I won!).

Afterwards we came home and I indulged my love of all things Disney for a good 6 hours. I'm a certified Disney affectionado, with my greatest love being the Disney parks. I was literally raised at Disneyland, going no less than once a year (and, at some points, once a month) to the park until I was 9 and we moved to the east coast. A few years later my parents tried a "once-in-a-lifetime" trip to Disney World and since then we've gone more times than I can recall. Instead of having Christmas at my parents' this year, my husband and I are meeting up with my family and mom's extended family to spend a week at "The World," or, as my mom calls it, "home." Yes, we're Disney nuts.

And believe it or not, there's a sewing connection to all this.

In my afternoon of reading all things Disney I found this highly informative description of a behind-the-scenes tour of Disney World that includes two paragraphs on their wardrobing department. Did you know that Epcot has it's own costume shop? That it's patterns are drafted on a computer, resized for various castmembers, then printed out? That it has a highly specialized, hands-free cutting table that I would LOVE to test drive at some point? That's the gist, but I highly recommend reading the article for yourself. Granted, had I been the one writing there would be far, far more about the wardrobe department - but what he gives is great stuff. I don't think I'll ever look at those character costumes or cast member garbs the same.

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