Monday, October 15, 2007

Yet another great swing dress

It's the buttons at the shoulders that really make this dress something special. And I personally love the interaction on the cover. Pink dress lady is obviously the good little southern lady with her white gloves and hat, probably the kind who's been raised to attend the local women's society teas and appreciate different roses. Without, of course, getting her hands too dirty. And just prior to the drawing something happened that was ever so shocking. Glove hand to the forhead - it solves all dramatic problems. The brown dress woman is just in from the city. She's a Career Woman who has her own secretary and can stare down her male counterpart until he weeps. She's not at all impressed with Pink Lady's drama. In a few moments she'll tell Pink Lady to snap out of it and get a degree. Pink Lady will tell Brown Woman to (in essence - she'd make it sound more polite than this) get a life. And on it would go, each one getting more sweet in that way that clearly says they wish the other would perish in a terribly painful way. Too bad we don't have a drawing of that.

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